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1 http://www.google.com/logos/Logo_25wht.gif Google
2 images/paulphone45w.jpg Paul Bradshaw
3 images/alex_kersten_45px.jpg Alex Kersten
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6 images/chris_gaynor45w.jpg Chris Gaynor

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  1. Be a journalist
  2. Journalism training news
  3. Special reports
  4. Starting out
  5. The only qualities essential for real success in journalism are rat-like cunning, a plausible manner, and a little literary ability

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  1. the website for journalism careers
  2. The Red Bull Formula One motor racing team is offering a chance to report on the Grand Prix action for two months...more
  3. The National Union of Journalists is campaigning for interns to be paid under the Minimum Wage law...more
  4. A journalism training college has launched a new online-only freelance journalism training course...more
  5. A journalism college is offering the world's first online course show journalists how to master the social networking craze Twitter...more
  6. Shorthand a priceless skill for journalists says editor...more
  7. The NCTJ has published a training film on how to shoot video for the web... more
  8. The question and answer website AQA is recruiting contributors - and is offering journalism students a chance to earn while they improve their research skills... more
  9. All the headlines
  10. Online journalism lecturer Paul Bradshaw offers his top ten tips for anyone who wants a career in journalism - including how you can start right now... Read his article
  11. Journalism training consultant David Scott advises entrants to forget the rose-tinted spectacles... Read his article
  12. 100,000 sign petition to save trainee journalist facing death sentence... Join the campaign
  13. Exeter University graduate Alex Kersten explains how he achieved his goal of a place at Coventry University to study motoring journalism... Read his story
  14. Read how Sofia Jones got on in her first steps towards a career in journalism as she blogged her way through a stint of work experience on a local newspaper... Read her story
  15. Trainee journalist Joanne Rudd swaps the quiet suburban life of Hull for the hustle and bustle of London for a one week placement at the Press Association... Read her story
  16. Trainee journalist and prolific blogger Chris Gaynor gets his teeth into an unusual stint of work experience - on a political magazine in Dracula country with the organisation Projects Abroad... Read his story
  17. Your online guide to journalism

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